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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tips to Lose Pregnancy Weight Quickly

Your bundle of joy has arrived, leaving behind the bundle still strapped to your mid-section. Now what you ask? The 100 million plus babies that are born yearly leave 100 million plus women asking that exact question of how to lose the pregnancy weight. I too, after having my first child, was panic-stricken leaving the hospital in my maternity clothes that I was so sure I would never-ever need again. I was wrong, oh ever so wrong. We first timers live in a fantasy world that the baby is born, we go immediately right back to our pre-pregnancy size. However, I failed to realize that I gained 55lbs, but my baby weighed all of 5 pounds. So, where did the other 50 excess pounds come from? You asked, so here it is, it was from an extra bowl (or sometimes two) of cereal EVERY night after my dinner. Yes ladies and gentleman, after eating a full course meal, I still had room for cereal. I now ask myself how to lose the weight. Having a background in nutrition and weight loss consulting, it should be relatively easy to quickly lose the pregnancy weight.

Right? The basic science behind weight loss is calories consumed and calories burned. It’s essential to have 3 meals a day, with small snacks thrown in between meals to keep your metabolism running. The meals of course should be nutritionally balanced as well as portion-controlled. Snacks can be as easy as fruit, low-fat cheese, or heart-healthy nuts.

A lot of people prefer keeping a food journal to keep you more accountable. If you eat it-write it! There are a lot of great resources online for food plans geared towards weight loss. Find the one that best fits your lifestyle, which will be your number one priority in being successful with quickly losing the pregnancy weighrt.. If you’re breast-feeding, aim to eat around 2300 calories a day to ensure proper nutrition for yourself and your baby.

Exercise is just as equally important. Just being active, 5 times a week for 30 minutes lowers your chances of heart disease, heart attack, diabetes and other associated health risks with being over weight or obese. Start off slow, especially if you haven’t been active in awhile, or if you had any health issues during your pregnancy. A great investment is a heart-rate monitor. They come with and without the chest strap. They are a fantastic tool in helping you get to a fat-burning heart rate, without hurting yourself. They’re purchasable at Wal-Mart, Target, and sporting goods stores. It’s also important to keep track of your progress to celebrate your achievements.

Set small goals, and keep track of your measurements. I recommend measuring yourself at least once a month. Weighing yourself is up to you, if you don’t get discourages by the numbers, then weight yourself as much as you would like. If numbers can make or break your day, weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day, wearing the same thing. Now, put your slimmest foot forward, begin losing, and start moving towards a happier, healthier you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips to Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast

It’s the inevitable result of pregnancy cravings. You gained 35 pounds (or more) during your pregnancy but had an 8 pound baby. So, how to lose that pregnancy weight?

First and foremost, nurse your baby. Aside from all of the great health reasons for you and the baby, nothing drops that pregnancy weight fast like breastfeeding. Of course, for many new mothers returning to work, nursing isn’t a long-term option, so other methods are needed.

Invest in a sling or other baby carrier – being sure to test them out in the store for back support and comfort for both you and the baby – and start walking. In addition to helping you lose that pregnancy weight, babies love to be snuggled and the soothing motion can help put even the fussiest babies to sleep (even colicky babies). Malls are great places to walk any time of year, and many malls have special walking times and even some deals for early walkers to get in prior to regular business hours.

Another tip is to look at local gyms and fitness centers. Not only do many of them have a walking track, but also another really great method for pregnancy weight loss – the “Mommy and Me” exercise class. From yoga to water aerobics, a variety of great classes are available, so you can pick the one that fits your needs the best.

Don’t forget to check with local colleges and universities for fitness classes along with your hospital to see what they offer for post-partum fitness needs. If no one nearby offers a fitness class that fits your needs or schedule, there are exercise dvds specifically designed to help new mothers lose the pregnancy weight fast.

However, motivation is often a stumbling block, particularly when you have so many other new things occupying your time. Working with a friend or a small group helps keep you on track during tough times. A reward system can help with all of these methods, using small rewards for meeting manageable goals to keep motivation strong. Losing pregnancy weight fast isn’t a matter of doing just one thing, but a number of small steps in combination.T

Friday, February 6, 2009

You Too Can Have a Healthy Pregnancy Without Gaining Unnecessary Pounds!

I’m going to be completely honest with you. Before I had kids, I didn’t give any thought to my weight at all. On average, I weighed between 125-130 pounds and this was perfect for my 5’ 5 frame. I could literally eat anything that I darned well pleased and I maintained my weight. I guess you could say that I was a lean mean cheeseburger and fries eating machine. I didn’t put any effort into my weight, didn’t exercise a bit and didn’t care about diets and other stuff like that. Then, something happened that changed all that. I got married, pregnant and soon afterwards I gained a lot of weight.

It wasn’t the baby’s fault and I certainly don’t blame her for it. It was totally my fault. I simply ate the way I had before, religiously took my pre natals vitamins, and hoped for the best. By the end of it all, I gained over 50 pounds. And although my midwife complained a bit at the beginning of my pregnancy about my weight gain, she didn’t seem to worry that much about the excessive weight gain and told me that I’d lose it eventually.

After I had my daughter, an 8lb 7 ounce bouncing baby girl, I immediately lost 35 pounds of the 50 but couldn’t seem to lose any more. Then again, I didn’t really try that hard. I didn’t exercise much and kept up with my old eating habits. Within 2 years, I got pregnant again and gained you got it ---another 50 pounds. Again, I did exactly what I did before. I ate for “two again”. I ate everything I wanted and also indulged in treats and lots of them.

After my 8 lb 9 ounce son was born, I vowed to lose the weight and after two years of hard work, I lost 40 more pounds. I was doing great and then I realized that I was pregnant again. This time I decided to do something different. I was determined not to gain 50 pounds that pregnancy so I read everything that I possibly could on eating healthy, not gaining too much too soon and tried to develop my own healthy eating plan. However, as much as I tried, I just couldn’t control myself. I would slip into old patterns.

By the time I went to my first midwifery appointment, I had gained another 10 pounds. I was crushed. I was desperate for knowledge and I even read quite a few nutrition books but they were specifically geared for the baby that was growing inside me. I found very little information on what I should be eating and how to workout safely during pregnancy.

One day while surfing on the net, I came across a cool book called Pregnancy Without Pounds. I was skeptical at first but was persuaded by the fact that the author had 15 years of experience as a Health and Nutrition Coach, a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, a Personal Training Certificate and a Psychology Degree. Plus, she offered a generous 30 day money back guarantee so I figured, I couldn’t lose.

I read the book right away and it immediately changed my perspective. I started paying more attention to the “quality of food” and also changed my mindset about the “eating for two” myth. I stopped eating junk and started filling my body with healthy food. At the end of that pregnancy, I gained 35 pounds and my son was a whopping 8 lbs 13 ounces, bigger than any of my other two. During that pregnancy, I had a ton of energy and felt great. And, only a few months after the birth of my son, I am 10 pounds away from my goal weight of 135 pounds. Plus, I’ve developed healthy habits to last a lifetime.

In Pregnancy Without Pounds, you’ll get quality and solid information that you can use right now. No medical mumbo jumbo. Just good and informative reading. You’ll learn all sorts of information like how to avoid unwanted excess pounds, how to exercise to get fit and toned (even if you hate exercising), how to minimize stretch marks and cellulite, eliminate food cravings, fight acne, feel sexier and much more. You’ll even learn how to have an easier delivery.

By purchasing Pregnancy Without Pounds, you’ll have access to a great program that works. You’ll be encouraged and motivated to have a healthier lifestyle. So, if you’re truly serious about not packing on the pounds and having a healthier pregnancy, I highly recommend this book and give it two thumbs up!