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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips to Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast

It’s the inevitable result of pregnancy cravings. You gained 35 pounds (or more) during your pregnancy but had an 8 pound baby. So, how to lose that pregnancy weight?

First and foremost, nurse your baby. Aside from all of the great health reasons for you and the baby, nothing drops that pregnancy weight fast like breastfeeding. Of course, for many new mothers returning to work, nursing isn’t a long-term option, so other methods are needed.

Invest in a sling or other baby carrier – being sure to test them out in the store for back support and comfort for both you and the baby – and start walking. In addition to helping you lose that pregnancy weight, babies love to be snuggled and the soothing motion can help put even the fussiest babies to sleep (even colicky babies). Malls are great places to walk any time of year, and many malls have special walking times and even some deals for early walkers to get in prior to regular business hours.

Another tip is to look at local gyms and fitness centers. Not only do many of them have a walking track, but also another really great method for pregnancy weight loss – the “Mommy and Me” exercise class. From yoga to water aerobics, a variety of great classes are available, so you can pick the one that fits your needs the best.

Don’t forget to check with local colleges and universities for fitness classes along with your hospital to see what they offer for post-partum fitness needs. If no one nearby offers a fitness class that fits your needs or schedule, there are exercise dvds specifically designed to help new mothers lose the pregnancy weight fast.

However, motivation is often a stumbling block, particularly when you have so many other new things occupying your time. Working with a friend or a small group helps keep you on track during tough times. A reward system can help with all of these methods, using small rewards for meeting manageable goals to keep motivation strong. Losing pregnancy weight fast isn’t a matter of doing just one thing, but a number of small steps in combination.T

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